Colder temperatures could mean animals using your vehicle as a cozy hiding spot, but that could prove to be a sad outcome for them unless you take some precautions.

McKenzie County Emergency Management is reminding people to look out for small animals seeking shelter inside warm engines of parked cars.

They say cats and kittens are known to work their way up into the engine to stay warm as the temperatures drop.

They say before starting your car you should knock on the hood of your engine or honk your horn to scare them out.

“This is just a post I post on an annual basis to remind folks that we do have animals that might be cold outside and you should try not to take them home or to work with you,” McKenzie County Emergency Manager, Karolin Jappe said.

Jappe says animals will also hide under tires and other tight places outside your home, so she encourages everyone to be aware of their surroundings.