Women are Dying from Pregnancy at Alarming Rate

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While death from pregnancy is rare in advanced countries, the rate in the US has been rising for years. It’s now to the point where women today are more likely to die than their mothers.

A Sanford doctor tells us, we still don’t know exactly why this is happening because there isn’t a good reporting system.

She says part of it is access to healthcare, which is why non-white women die from childbirth at a much higher rate.

The doctor also says the fact that women are having babies later on in life, causes health complications.

The CDC found that about 700 women in the US die from complications of childbirth, every year. But, at least 3 out of 5, are preventable.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Physician Ana Tobiasz adds, “For example, maternal hemorrhage is a large cause of not just mortality but morbidity. There’s a lot of near misses that we could do better with if we had standardization of how those things are handled.”

Dr. Tobiasz says many of the deaths happen right after pregnancy, or during childbirth itself.

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