MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A local food pantry relies on its community garden to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to neighbors in need — and now, you can help them.

The Lord’s Cupboard Garden in Minot continues to grow everything from fruits and veggies to herbs and spices, and provides thousands of pounds of produce to people each year, expanding further as time goes on.

To help promote the organization, leaders are calling on residents to design a handmade logo to usher in a new era for the food bank.

Anyone from the area is encouraged to freehand a drawing that best visually represents the community garden. The logo should use the full name, The Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry, and should be submitted by Friday, April 14.

The winning drawing will be turned into a graphic design, and a cash prize of $50 will be awarded to the creator.