Drawing sea life or animals from a zoo is just one activity being done at the Theo Art School which has been serving students for 30 years.

“Just walking through the doors of the studios every day, I still get those goosebumps like what are the kids doing every day?” Theo Art School Executive Director, Liliana Norby said.

The school provides extracurricular activities for students to enhance their art-making skills and to use their creativity and imagination to develop masterpieces.

“An inspiration piece for you to create and that’s the ability for them to develop their thinking skills and then put them to work in an art project,” Norby said.

Artists like 8-year-old Jayden Stennes said his art inspiration goes back to age four.

“It felt kind of weird because I never touched one before,” Stennes said.

The art school helped him develop his artistic potential. One of his drawings has been chosen for the cover of an upcoming musical presentation.

“I wasn’t that good at drawing, but then I came here and there was a reference to look at, and then that helped me,” Stennes said.

“Art teaches you how to relate to other people, whether their younger generation or you’re the same generation, you can relate to any generation through art,” Norby said.

Stennes’ artwork has been chosen for “Singing in the Rain” by the Bismarck-Mandan Chorus, a musical performance which will take place on April 30th.