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With the very real possibility that some people may get a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year, we spent our weekly interview with Dr. Joshua Wynne clarifying some remaining questions.

The state’s Chief Health Strategist says recent studies of people who have had the virus show the antibodies that protect you from getting it again last much longer than experts originally thought. What this means in terms of a vaccine is that, maybe, we won’t need to be revaccinated every year or so after the initial two shots required for immunity.

But Dr. Wynne says, we don’t know for sure.

When asked about his concern with opposition to the vaccine, as we’ve seen with mask-wearing, Dr. Wynne says he has great confidence that every safety precaution is being taken. And, while Operation Warp Speed has accelerated the production of multiple vaccines, the evaluation and approval process are as thorough as always.

“The reason that we’ve gone from the first appearance of this bug, of this virus, to a vaccine in under a year (which has never occurred before) is because the platform that the vaccine is based on has been developed over the last many years. So it’s sort of like bolting a new bumper on a car,” Dr. Wynne explains.

As far as side effects go, like with almost any other vaccine, there’s a chance you’ll get symptoms that mimic a mild case of the coronavirus. But Dr. Wynne assures us, that does not mean you actually have the virus and could spread it.

More serious side effects are always possible, but incredibly rare.

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