Your Health First: You may be suffering from your fall allergies this spring

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In today’s Your Health First, seasonal allergies. Have you noticed you’re feeling stuffed up this summer when you normally aren’t? We spoke to a physician assistant who said you could be suffering from your fall allergies. 

Josh Seil said he’s seen between 40 and 50 patients with allergies this spring who don’t typically have them. He said it’s because farmers have been busy removing the crops they couldn’t harvest last fall. 

In spring, pollen and grass are common irritants, and in the fall, ragweed and cocklebur may affect you. 

OTC Antihistamines like Benadryl or Zyrtec can help, but if you find they don’t, see your primary care provider. 

“There’s additional mold spores, other things, that typically, people who are allergy sufferers don’t have to deal with in the spring, but then they’re exposed to more things. With the really dry, lovely North Dakota winds that we had this spring also that just made the spores and kind of blew everything around more and just made it horrible for people who have seasonal allergies,” said Seil, physician assistant, Independent Doctors.

Seil said two-thirds of allergy sufferers don’t realize they have year-long allergies and think it’s just seasonal. He said seeing an allergist can help pin-point what exactly you’re allergic to. 

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