Youth leaders work to keep peers in North Dakota

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For decades North Dakota leaders have been attempting to keep young people in state.

It’s a message so widespread that it’s trickled down to our high schoolers and college students.

The North Dakota Career and Technical Student Leadership Training held in Bismarck hosted student state officers from all across the state this week.

I witnessed North Dakota student leaders come together and strategize what they can do to keep people just like themselves in-state.

And they say if you want people to stay here you have to get them excited while they’re still young.

Governor Burgum announced there are more jobs available in our state than ever before.

And in order to fill these jobs, it’s about being positive.

Professional Speaker and Leadership Expert, Rhett Laubach says, “If you are showing excitement for your work in North Dakota in the world you are living in, then you are going to get the students you are interacting with excited about being in North Dakota and staying here.”

Leadership organizations like DECA and FFA can open their eyes to an in-state career path.

“That kind of directed my thoughts to become a AG Ed teachean so I can have that impact on other people and you stay local in the state of North Dakota because there are a lot of job openings for AG ED teachers right now,” says North Dakota FFA President, Ben Van Berkom.

It’s involvement in home grown, community organizations that these leaders believe will make people stay.

President of North Dakota DECA, Isabelle Mclean says, “And knowing that the skills we are learning here can be applied to those jobs. That’s a really big thing I want to take back to Fargo and not only help people stay in Fargo and use those skills but then gain those skills by joining organizations like DECA, FCCLA, and things like that.”

These young leaders know they won’t be able to get through to everyone– but hopefully will get people to realize what North Dakota can do for their future.

“Out of the people I know…You know they go out and try to experience the big city life, they end up coming back to North Dakota because they realize what they were missing out on- you know. You don’t know what you have until its gone,” says Van Berkom.

They had 60 students in training who came from DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, HOSA, Skills USA and TSA. And these state officers will go on to train their school officers.

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