Local Woman Coordinates Zuckerberg Visit

His invention has changed the way billions of people communicate.

And this week, he paid a visit to North Dakota.

Good evening, I’m Chad Mira and I’m Lauren Kalberer..

It’s our top story tonight, and

Jim Olson is live tonight to tell us about who stopped in Williston yesterday.

I’ll give you a hint – it’s this guy – who started and remains the CEO of Facebook –  Mark Zuckerberg. 

It ended like this. Photos of North Dakotans with one of the best known billionaires in the world – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

(Kira Stenehjem Noll, Watford City Resident) “It was a lot of fun and he’s definitely very nice to talk to.”

It started last week. 

(Kira Stenehjem Noll, Watford City Resident) “I was contacted by his Facebook team last week and they wanted to have a certain group of people they could meet with and discuss community in western North Dakota and learn about western North Dakota too.”

Kira Stenehjem Noll put together a meeting with a variety of people in Williston. Seems the well known opponent of fossil fuels was interested in how one of the nations busiest oil fields operates. 

(Steve Stenehjem, Watford City Resident) “He realizes that fossil fuels is here now and very much needed until other forms of energy can be a bigger part of our structure. I think the other thing that hit home was the jobs that people can get in our industry are some of the best jobs they’ve had in their life and they’re happy to be making the kind of money they make and to be helping their country they way they’re helping and I think that was somewhat surprising for him.”

After a tour of a working rig, Z joined A small group- about ten in all – to chat about all things Bakken. From man camps to crime to job opportunities to churches and charities. 

(Gretchen Stenehjem, Watford City Resident) “Fun to talk to. Very interested in what we know in North Dakota, the life that we live. He was also very interested in the people of western North Dakota and the effects of the oil industry on their families, getting paychecks or social issues that go on with the family. And especially the women in western North Dakota.”

And then, after a meeting the Facebook mogul’s people said was longer than any similar meetings big they’d seen – and after the parting photos – a billionaire who changed the way billions communicate was gone. 

Zuckerberg also indicated he visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park while he was in the state.

Click here to read his Facebook post.


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