Local woman stresses the urgency of passing a third stimulus relief package


North Dakotans are still struggling and suffering the effects of the pandemic, a year after the outbreak began.
One Bismarck woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells us, waiting is something she simply can’t do.

“There are a lot of people struggling.
It’s not for lack of trying to have a job.
It’s not for lack of wanting to live off the government.
It is literally just that COVID has taken this from us.
We’re trying our best.
We need this stimulus to pass and pass sooner rather than later,” said the anonymous woman.

The woman tells us, for her, it’s been nothing but an uphill battle since the last March.

“I was laid off due to the COVID restriction. So, I started trying to get another job, and I applied everywhere.
It took until July. I worked there until October 8th, when they laid off.
So, I picked up another at-home collections job, and that one actually laid off as well,” said anonymous.

She says this has been a humbling experience.

“I stood in line at the food banks here in town, so I would have food. There are a lot of us out here struggling,” said anonymous.

She also tells us there are many misconceptions with stimulus payments, and wants to speak on behalf of those who have found themselves in similar situations.

“You know, I think a lot of times people look at the stimulus and they think that it’s just a hand-out. I’m sure to some people, it is.
To someone like me, that has really worked hard at trying to have a job and has been laid off due to these COVID things, and has struggled to find employment, that stimulus money is incredibly important,” said anonymous.

We spoke with Republican Senator Kevin Cramer who tells us, the proposed bill is problematic.

“Only 5 % of the money in this bill will be spent this year.
What that tells you is democrats are counting on 95 % of it to be spent after the pandemic is over.
Either that, or they’re planning on extending the pandemic for 5 years.
It’s a solid No.
I don’t know a single republican that would vote for this package,” said Senator Kevin Cramer.

Senator Kevin Cramer also tells us, that while he supports giving the American people some relief funding, he won’t be voting to pass this bill as-is.

“There’s a lot of perverse incentives in it to keep people from working. It provides an incentive for federal employees where they would get 14 hundred dollars a week to not work, to go home and be with their children, which is a perverse incentive for their children to not go to school. I don’t have a problem with the 14 hundred dollars. The problem is the other 1 point eight trillion dollars or so, most of which has nothing to do with COVID,” said Cramer.

“You know, I don’t agree with some of the extras that they’re putting in this bill to try and make it pass.
I think it should just be for us Americans that are struggling, but we definitely need it,” said Anonymous.

What will happen with this bill is still up in the air, but Americans and legislators hope a decision is made soon.

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