Currently, in the United States, more than 6 million people, including 15,000 right here in North Dakota, are living with Alzheimer’s and over 11 million individuals are serving as their unpaid caregivers.

And as this disease continues to grow, the cost of care is escalating into the hundreds of billions.

Today, KX News Adrienne Oglesby and KX Sports Phil Benotti had the pleasure of emceeing the world’s largest event to fight this devastating disease.

The money raised today helped the Alzheimer’s Association continue to provide no-cost critical care and support services, such as the free 24/7 Helpline, online and in-person education programs.

All efforts help the Association continue its work as the leading voice for Alzheimer’s advocating for federal and state legislation.

The association’s goal was set high this year at $ 57 thousand dollars, but gladly, with much determination, they raised over $ 64 thousand dollars.

“The walk to end alzheimers’s is a hopeful event for those in the community to come together and walk in solidarity and find a support system and find a cure for this disease, “said  Senior Development Manager at Alzheimer’s Association, Emily Bultema.

For ways to donate and to learn more about Alzheimer’s research visit .