‘Lunch Shaming’ Not in Bismarck and Mandan Public Schools


Lunch shaming and cold meals have been the words around the country in regards to school lunches. 
Heidi Werosta went to our local school district to find out if students are being neglected during school hours. 

Kids line up to get food everyday across the nation.
But one father of five says the students aren’t being treated equally.

Rob Woodruff, Bismarck resident, says, “There’s children in the US that go to school and don’t get a lunch or get a different lunch than everybody else. So my initial thought was let’s find out if its happening here.”

Woodruff started a facebook post stating…. “My son tells me there is lunch shaming that takes place in the school.”

Woodruff says, “I had heard things about cheese sandwhich, which has kind of been a buzz word here.”

Both Bismarck and Mandan Public schools makes sure that every single student gets a lunch.

Becky Heinert, Director of Nutrition Services for Mandan Public Schools, says, “We do not do any shaming, we do not take trays away…No child gets a different meal because they are free or reduced, every child receives the same meal.”

Mandan says they have a good handle on the school lunch situation and ensures all students eat. Parents can sign up for free and reduced lunch and there are different kinds of programs that are out there to make sure kids eat over the weekends. 

Heinert says,”They send backpacks out to kids, there’s the food pantry, there’s anything like that, that other families can’t afford suppers and meals on weekends that they can go to.”

With the concern of parents, all Woodruff wants to do is to…

“Find the problem and solve it, if there’s not a problem, awesome. We figure out how to educate people in the community on the programs that are available they can donate to,” adds Woodruff. 

Woodruff says many people and a few organizations have reached out to him to help out with generating funds and donating so students can get an affordable lunch. 

Woodruff will be meeting with both Mandan and Bismarck public schools to discuss further plans and solve any problems if kids are unable to eat a lunch. 

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