Maddock Hay Bale Contest

Most hay bales we see are sitting on pastureland as a food source for livestock.

But one community has found another purpose for the bales.

In tonight’s Positively North Dakota, Alexus Larson shows us how hay has become something more.

Turn a corner in Maddock and you’re likely to run into an unusual piece of art made out of hay bales.

(Carol Backstrom and Elizabeth Slater) “I think it’s fun and it’s a wonderful community spirit,” said Carol Backstrom and Elizabeth Slater, Maddock Residents.

There are 15 bales in Maddock. Some are just fun to look at. Others are interactive.

“I just think it’s so neat,” said Robert Thom, Superintendent of Maddock Public Schools.

Robert and his team at Maddock Public School created a piece that would reflect who they are.

“It was a collective effort,” said Thom.

Everyone had a job. Teachers came up with the idea, others were in charge of painting, and students in a class got to create the roof.

“I think it proves the pride they have in this project,” said Thom.

Carol and Elizabeth created this bale which they call Cinderella’s carriage. They got the idea while they were searching online but when they were putting it together they made sure to add a few hometown pieces.

“My husband and I put together the carriage in the back from an old car,” said Slater.

From start to finish, the ladies say it took days to complete and little bit of help from others.

“We enlisted our husbands to help us,” said Backstrom.

All 15 bales are competing against each other for the Maddock Rural Renaissance Festival to be the best of the best bale and it’s up to you to decide the winner.

“People just get out, get creative, and go at it,” said Backstrom.

You can vote for favorite bales in Maddock at the Tech Center during the festival or on Facebook through Sunday.


Vote by “liking” your favorite picture. The picture with the highest number of likes will win!

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