Magic City Misfits are looking for more cast members

Putting yourself out there can be scary…especially when it’s for a job interview or an audition.

“I always end up with, like, dry mouth and I don’t know what to say and I start talking with my hands all crazy,” says Christian Marcelletta, Magic City Misfits Co-Director.

The Magic City Misfits hope to ease those nerves.

“For something like this, I think you have to already have that laid back personality, so no one’s going to judge you no matter what you’re doing or how you’re acting,” says Marcelletta.

Kati Thompson has grown up watching her mom in theatre, but she had never tried it out for herself… until now.

“I really wanted to do something bigger and I really think that this is something that is going to be a lot of fun. I’m really excited to try,” says Kati Thompson, Magic City Misfit Prospect.
She recently performed as a Drag King in a Misfits production and loved every second.

“Being onstage for the first time ever was terrifying but it was also exhilarating and as soon as I got off the stage, I wanted to go back up and keep going,” says Thompson.

So she decided to officially try out to join the team.

“I can be wild and crazy onstage, and still be mild and tame,” says Thompson.

The new members often start off in the role of a Transylvanian from the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“That way they can get a little bit of onstage time but they can also help us out behind the scenes and see what all goes into going onstage with us,” says Marcelletta.

In the end, it’s all about having fun.

“What we have in Minot is what we create and we’re just looking to keep creating and keep having fun and being happy and showing the world what we can do,” says Marcelletta.

Visit the Magic City Misfits Facebook Page to contact the group and see when their upcoming shows are happening.

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