Magic Day of Giving 2018

It happens once a year… a day dedicated to giving back.

“Through this project we’re able to offer people avenues into volunteering that they might not have otherwise,” said planning member Megan Laudenschlager. 

Since 2013 they’ve been able to grow volunteers from 860 to nearly 3000 each helping with various projects around town. 

‘It really runs the spectrum of young people all the way to individuals who are in their later years,” said Laudenschlager. 

One of the projects happening this year involves painting this woman’s home… 

“Some very nice people are painting the house for me,” said Elaine Solheim.

Elaine now 79 is originally from the area but just moved back 10 years ago… she now lives with her son and three cats. 

“This project is because one of Elaine’s neighbors saw that her home had some chipped paint and wanted to be able to provide a way for her to get the exterior of her home repainted,” said Laudenschlager.

“The trim was brown and it was a dark I think you would call it kind of a gold color and I wanted something lighter,” said Solheim.

It all came as a surprise. 

“When I found out about it I was speechless, I’m still almost speechless,” said Solheim. 

Although she couldn’t help with the painting she made sure to help in other ways. 

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