Make staying healthy this holiday a family routine

The holiday season is a special time for family festivities and good food. This year KX wanted to offer you some tips on how you can indulge without going overboard.

Sanford Health Dietitian, Rachel Iverson, shared some tips to help us all:

1.       Eat before parties. This will help you control your appetite and allow you to eat the foods you enjoy.

2.       Choose foods at the holiday meal that you want to eat, watch your portions, but have a little of all your favorites so you feel satisfied and like you have enjoyed the tradition.

3.       If you have multiple dinners to attend try to start with a salad or broth based soup.

4.       Start a family tradition around activity, i.e. going for a walk in the snow or play charades.

5.       Dish up at the counter and eat at the table, or use a smaller plate. Remember if your still hungry you can go back for seconds.

6.       Break down leftovers into Tupperware so portions are correctly sized for future meals.

Iverson says you can still eat what you want just be smarter about it.

“Enjoy the foods that you love during the holiday season because food is also about pleasure. But just try not to overdo it,” says Iverson. “Take small portions don’t take 3 slices of take one and watch how much whip cream you put on that pumpkin pie.”

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