Making Schools Safer For Students & Staff

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When it comes to the safety of students and teachers during an intruder attack, access to exits is the key to survival.
That’s what school architect Sean Sugden told superintendents from across northwestern North Dakota today.

Sugden designed South Prairie School near Minot and – following a more formal meeting at mid-day – took the school officials on a walking tour of that school this afternoon.
He says architects are learning survival rates soar when anyone inside a building under seige can easily escape.

(Sean Sugden, EAPC School Architect) “If we can get them out of the building safely or somewhere safe – not just standing out in a field somewhere but somewhere safe – where they are away and get them trained to do that, andteachers also, staff trained, then that is the best. So that evacuation means exits and there are many things we can do for exiting.”

Sugden says controlling entrances is also critical – and says many schools are remodeling to make sure all visitors must come through a secure entrance.

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