SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Washington state judge has released a man who was arrested for murder in the 1994 homicide of a South Dakota native. According to court papers, the state doesn’t think it has enough evidence to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Audrey Hoellein lived near Aberdeen before moving to Lead then out of state. According to court papers, the 26-year-old was found dead in Vancouver, Wash. in 1994.

The case went cold, but in 2018 investigators identified Richard Eugene Knapp as a person of interest. DNA from the butt of a cigarette recovered outside of where he worked matched DNA found at the 1994 crime scene.

“This product was then sent to the Washington state lab to compare it to the original source DNA from the crime scene,” Dustin Goudschaal, a detective with the Vancouver Police Department, said in 2019.

Knapp was charged with first-degree and second-degree murder in April 2019. KELOLAND News spoke with Hoellein’s family that May.

“We couldn’t believe after 25 years,” Audrey Hoellein’s aunt Rose Hoellein said in 2019. “We thought, it’s done, it’s, they’ll never find him. And after 25 years, with the DNA and those great detectives, they found him.”

However, court papers filed this week say the state doesn’t have enough admissible evidence. The motion for dismissal states that “the prosecution and defense discovered new and credible evidence that was not known at the time of filing.” Because of this, the state doesn’t believe it can prove the murder charges beyond a reasonable doubt. It does specify that it can’t do so “at this time.”

A Washington superior court judge dismissed the case. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Vancouver tells KELOLAND News that Knapp was released Wednesday afternoon from the Clark County Jail.