Man Shoots Own Dogs with Paintballs, Now Charged with Animal Cruelty


A Bismarck man is charged with animal abuse for firing paintballs at his own dogs. 

On Tuesday, August 21st around 7:57 p.m. the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call near an area known as the desert on the main sand bar for a report of people shooting dogs with paintball guns. 

When officers arrived they found a brown pitbull with several orange marks on its side. 

They also saw another dog had been shot in the head, just above its eyes. 

The owner of the dogs said he didn’t mean to shoot the dogs saying instead he was shooting the paintballs into the water so the dogs could chase them. 

However after speaking with the people who alerted authorities they say the man was deliberately shooting the dogs from a close distance. 

At one point the man even commented, “yeah, that hurt didn’t it,” after the dog yelped in pain after being hit with a paintball. 

The man is charged with animal abuse, a Class A Misdemeanor. 

According to the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office the dogs are still with the man. 

However, the responding Sheriff’s Deputy documented the abuse. 

Now, the State’s Attorney is reviewing the case in order to determine what to do with the animals. 

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