A bleeding woman was found by a good Samaritan on a cold, November day in 2015, wearing only a T-shirt in freezing weather.
The trial began this week for a second man charged in connection with that case.
Jean-Michael Kisi has been charged with four felonies, including conspiracy to commit murder.
The incident was alleged to have taken place when an argument ensued between Kisi, a co-defendant, and the woman on a road trip back from Minot to Williston.
A good Samaritan, Larry Welo, found the woman along County Road 42 in Epping. Welo testified that he initially thought she was riding a bicycle because he saw her wavering back and forth on the road in the distance. After he approached her, Welo gave her his jacket to wear before transporting her to the Epping Fire Hall so paramedics could more easily identify their location.
“I got out and asked her what had happened and she was pretty much non-responsive at that time. So I got her, helped her up and got her into my car because she was very cold,” testified Welo. 
The co-defendant, David Mbulu was convicted for his role in the case last month. The trial for Kisi is expected to continue throughout the week.