Mandan High School Works to Curb Teen Drunk Driving


According to the North Dakota Department of Human Services, in 2016, over 30% of high school students reported having at least one drink of alcohol in the last 30 days.

In order to curb drinking and driving, Mandan High School put on a rather graphic simulation.

Students gathered around a fake crash scene. 

There, they watched as rescue crews respond, assess casualties, and tend to those who survived.

In this scenario … it all happened because one girl decided to drink and drive. 

They made the scene as realistic as possible to show students what really could happen.

“I honestly hope that they don’t take it as a joke because it’s serious. I hope that they think next time they drink or go to a party or anything, and don’t do it,” said Tayla Gange, Senior at Mandan High School. 

Mandan Police, Metro Ambulance, and Mandan Fire all helped out in the re-enactment.

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