A Mandan musician is in a competition to open up for big named artists. Brianna Helbling is back in headlines, advancing through another big competition.

By 7 years old, she had written her first song. Learning to play the piano was just the start for Brianna’s music career.

“In Kindergarten I really want to try to learn piano, my parents thought it was going to be a phase but it actually did stick,” says Helbling.

In 2017 Brianna auditioned for American Idol when they came to Fargo and made it through to the next round in Los Angeles.

“I wasn’t expecting much as no one does. You get your hopes up and you don’t want them to get crushed,” says Helbling.

Although her journey with American Idol ended early, her career was just beginning.

“It was a great way to help to get my name out in North Dakota and gave me a kick start to my career,” explains Helbling.

Brianna says she would not be the artist she is without the support of her hometown.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere that I am with now with music right now if it wasn’t for growing up in a town where people support me to play shows and reach all my goals in life,” says Helbling.

Valerie Vogel was Brianna’s principal at St. Joseph and has known Brianna since daycare. She said she has attended every concert she can and has become one of her biggest supporters.

“She use to take part in our talent shows at St. Joseph School and many of us always say ‘we knew her first’ when she makes it big, we’ll always remember her singing,” says Vogel

Vogel credits Brianna for remaining so respectful and humble but apparently she’s always been this way. She is certain that if Brianna wants to sing, she will definitely defy odds.

“I think it is a very difficult crazy direction she’s wanting to go with her talent and hard work, and everything else. I have no doubt she’s going to go all the way,” explains Vogel.

More recently Brianna was in a competition called “The Opening Act” where artists get voted to open up for a superstar at the Hollywood Bowl in October.

“We’re in the group top 10 right now. Every Thursday they make another cut. Just to make the first cut was cool because it’s a national competition with artists from all over. We’re currently sitting first in our group so that’s been cool,” says Helbling.

At only 20 years old, the entertainment industry can be intimidating but that motivates her to be better.

“I’m young but there are people just as young doing the same thing. It motivates me to do better because if I want to stay on top, I have to keep progressing regardless of my age,” says Helbling.

She’s currently in the quarter finals of the competition and voting is opened until 8 pm tonight. Visit here to vote for Brianna Helbling.