Mandan PD heightens incentives to bring in new recruits

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A few months ago, we aired a story showing how the Mandan Police Department is struggling to get new recruits. They told us they were closely working with the city council on some new incentives for officers. Now it’s happening. 

Approved by the council last week, Mandan officers will now be eligible for a 100-percent paid family health insurance plan. Its a huge difference compared to the 900-hundred dollar a month plan new recruits have. The incentive is now identical to the Bismarck PD, which is a department Mandan officers are known to switch to. 

“So, now we’re competing with them than what we were before. So, I think it’s going to allow us to keep the officers we have, and then also it’s not going to scare away new recruits that have families,” said Lieutenant Pat Haug.

Lieutenant Haug also said higher pay isn’t out of the question. It will be a conversation for a later date. 

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