The City of Mandan is a community that is capturing the eyes of the public through artwork. There are about ten new utilities boxes that were added, and plans are to cover them all with decorative art.

“We’re starting with these ten new utility boxes on Mainstreet to add the finishing touch to the other elements that were recently included in the summer of 2021,” City of Mandan City Planner Andrew Stromme said.

The drive down Mainstreet could soon have a new look of art designs. Artists in the community have an opportunity to display some of their pieces of art surrounding the Mandan community.

“We’re accepting art from novice for beginner artists as well as professionals to submit work related to the landscape or culture or history of the important people of Mandan or Morton County,” Stromme said.

This new project comes after the facelift on Main Street adding to the other changes in the area like the new park and amenities.

“There are a number of communities across North Dakota that have incorporated public art through utility box art wrapping projects to what we have planned.” Stromme said.

Artists have until Friday, September 16th to submit their designs.

“The city will be working with a local sign company with the hope of an install by the beginning of November of this fall,” Stromme said.