Mandan Police Chief Jason Ziegler says a homicide like this is rare, making it that much more difficult for everyone involved.

Last night on KX News, we discussed how the last quadruple homicide in the state came in 2012, in New Town. For the investigator of that crime, this case is a heartbreaking reminder.

Chief Ziegler expresses, “I don’t think any community across this great country could ever imagine something like this happening in their backyard.”

Mountrail County Sheriff Corey Bristol understands what Mandan Police are going through.

He shares, “You just wonder, ‘How can this happen to people that we know?'”

In 2012, there was a quadruple homicide in New Town: the murder of a woman and three of her grandchildren.

Sheriff Bristol explains, “I remember I was cleaning the bathtub, and I got that call that you dread.”

He says this type of crime takes multiple agencies coming together, but ultimately, they investigate the scene as they would any other crime.

Sheriff Bristol adds, “You work the clues that you have, trying to get to a resolution. It’s just more people.”

He says they were fortunate to find clues that led to an arrest pretty swiftly, but he understands the tough spot Mandan PD is in, and the overwhelming feeling he had years ago.

He emphasizes, “I’m sure they’re doing everything in their power to solve this as quick as they can.”

Sheriff Bristol says he supports the way Mandan is handling the case. He says other agencies are just a call away.

Mandan Police Department says the Bureau of Criminal Investigation is currently assisting, but plenty of other agencies across the state including the FBI and Bismarck Police have offered their help as well.