Mandan Students Now All Have iPads

Technology can be a little scary sometimes. 
Hundreds buttons, apps, and a world wide web, full of possibilities…
“I think that’s what I was most nervous about, if I’m still going to be able to teach the way I want to teach,” Ryne Jungling, Mandan High School teacher.
Jungling saw iPads gaining popularity in education when he was in college. 
And now, they’re in the hands of every student at his school. 
“That would be about 1,050” says Mark Andreson, Mandan High School.
Mark Andreson, the principal of Mandan, says they got iPads to give students the best of 21st Century education. 
“They don’t bring many books home anymore,”  says Andreson.
Many teachers agree that we need to teach kids more about technology because that’s where the world is headed, but right now we’re in a transitional period. So the question is, what helps kids learn better? An iPad or a textbook? 
Some studies have shown that kids will remember content longer when they read it in a text book over a screen. 
While others say student have scored up to 20% higher in classes they used iPads in.
“You’re looking at the iPads as a resource” says Andreson.
A resource to give teachers like Jungling options and his student opportunities.
“It’s not just an expensive pencil,” says Jungling. 
Andreson says in a few years, they hope to be completely digital and have textbooks be a thing of the past. 
The kids’ iPads have a protected internet and can only use apps that teachers have already pre-approved. 

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