Mandan will see business development

It was Mandan’s 2nd tour of the downtown area — it’s purpose — to encourage downtown development. 

Last year the tour had around 40 people — this year over 100.
That means your opinion is highly involved in the growing scene in Mandan. 

Residential living, office spaces, and retail and restaurants — all what Mandan is looking for — that’s what officials say — but for long-time residents it gives a better variety. 

Tyler Huck, Mandan Resident, says, “There’s more options. To have fun and entertain and do a show of Mandan.”

Ellen Hubert, Business and Development for City of Mandan, says, “Some of the projects that are in the works will make downtown a better place for businesses, for residents, for visitors. It’s ways to make it more pedestrian friendly and just bring more life to the downtown.”

It’s all apart of a bigger plan. 

Huck says,  “Burgum’s economic development and the Main Street Initiative. I think that’s kind of cool. See what kind of evolves.” 

The tour mentioned a few possible changes to the roads.
Depending on City Commission approval a few intersections could have roundabouts.

Hubert says, “It could make the downtown area more walkable and more safe for pedestrians.”

The City of Mandan is trying to get more people to walk along these sidewalks and through that they want more businesses.

The public has many ideas for the vacant lots — each idea bringing a new type of business.

Tracey Miller, Bismarck Resident, says, “Mentioned a sports bar and playing darts and a lot of our friends play darts and I know that creates a hub and it’s an all day hub cause with communities like this you want visitor to not visit but you want them to stay.”

Hubert says, one startup business will fuel another and it becomes a domino effect.

Dialectic brewing was on the tour last year as a vacant building and today was the grand opening. Many of their beers are low in alcohol content  and they have no TV’s and no loud music — perfect for conversations with family and friends. 

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