Many organizations say they need volunteers

It’s finally nice to see these Spring days, but nice weather can have it’s bad effects too.

Jane Nieswaag is volunteering at the Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe. It’s her first time here.
In fact, she came during a break from her normal work hours just to make a difference in someone’s life. 

Jane Niezwaag, Volunteer, says, “They have a sheet you read, the workers work together, they help you out, it’s just amazing. I would do this again every week.” 

Now that things are warming up — many organizations say the warmer weather means less volunteers. 

Mark Meier, Director of Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe, says, “During the winter months we were full probably a week on out, but now that summer is here — it’s starting to get a little bit sparser.”

 Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe is just one organization that needs volunteers to make an impact on the community.

Vincent McCloud, The Salvation Army, says, “Cause it’s summer we are kind of losing some of our college volunteers.” 

Meier says business is getting busy with 150-250 meals a day.

Meier says, “In order to operate the Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe we need 18 volunteers everyday. And so we run volunteers about every 2 hours and we’re looking for around 3-4 volunteeers every 2 hours.”

That includes waiting tables, serving food, and washing dishes. 

Nieswaag says she plans on doing even more.

“If people want to bake. I mean they take cakes and cookies here it’s just amazing. I’m going to start baking,” says Nieswaag.  

When it comes to volunteering it’s better to have more volunteers than too little. 

Nieswaag says it’s about the people you meet and the gratification you get — it’s very heartwarming. 

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