Marathon is Set and Ready to Go

Hundreds of runners are ready to compete in North Dakota…hoping for a spot on a major stage.

The Bismarck marathon will start tomorrow morning- bright and early.

And the runners are all trying to earn their way to Boston.

This cool, rainy weather might not be a bad thing.

Earlier this week- the race was in danger of being cancelled if the air quality remained at unhealthy levels, but that’s not the case anymore. 

David Nash, Race Co-Director, says, “Right now it’s green and everything looks great.”

The course is 95% paved and runs 26 miles and 385 yards.

Becky Weninger, Half Marathon Runner, says, “I like this course, it is mostly flat and they offer a very generous time limit so the half marathon is quite doable for most people.”

Just shortly after 7 am nearly 200 marathon runners will line up at the gate and start the race.

“We go over the bridge into Mandan over to Prairie West Golf Course and then we come back on Memorial Bridge through Sertoma and Pioneer Park and back here, says Nash.

An average time for a full marathon is 4.5 hours, of course, the faster ones are under 3 hours.

For Weninger, her goal is 3 hours for a half marathon. 

Becky Weninger, Half Marathon Runner, says, “It is a pretty easy pace, that is why most people can work towards a half marathon.”

It takes a lot of training to go for the full marathon versus the half. 

Larry Cook, Half Marathon Runner, “I’m at an age now where half is far enough for me.”

The weather has a big part of the race and the conditions may not be the best to bystanders, but for the runners.

“Two weeks ago I ran in Disneyland it was in the 90s so this will be a welcomed change to have some cooler temperatures,” says Cook.

Nash says, “I do like the cooler temperatures to run cause then you don’t overheat, seems like you can go a little harder then.”

“This isn’t bad, 50 degrees, 55 degrees is nice for me,” adds Cook.

Of course most runners can agree that when the winds come into play- it may not make for the best situation.

Marathon runners who make it in their appropriate time slot will advance to the Boston marathon.

By the way-the record to beat is two hours and three minutes. 


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