NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Mark Haugen is the DemNPL candidate running for North Dakota’s U.S. House seat.

Haugen has an agricultural background and has been a paramedic for 37 years, so a strong rural healthcare system is close to his heart.

Haugen is a Roman Catholic, and he’s pro-life. He says he’s pro “whole life,” which means he supports the mother and baby after birth and throughout life. In policy terms that equates to expanding the child tax credit and Medicaid, as well as increasing funding for childcare programs.

Josh Meny sat down with Haugen to discuss how his pro-life stance as a democrat has been a major focal point of his candidacy.

You got some heat basically from some people in the party, Patrick Engelhardt, District 7, when the Supreme Court made the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. There was a meeting. The Dem-NPL ultimately decided not to leave their support for you. Why?

“A great question. I have never had my pro-life beliefs in the party. I’ve been a party activist and a candidate for decades. Back in 1996, I became the endorsed pro-life candidate, right to life candidate, and I’ve been right-to-life endorsed ever since with my runs for the North Dakota legislature and State Treasurer two years ago. So, I welcome the debate at the meeting. I listened carefully to what the concerns were with the 47 districts or people who expressed their concerns, but we had all 47 districts on that meeting, and the resolution was soundly defeated,” explained Haugen.

Cara Mund is of course abortion rights. It’s not further clear if she’s more Democrat or Republican. Do you think that issue, and do you think her candidacy, will pull voters away from you?

“I think yes, voters will be pulled away from me and from Congressman Armstrong, there are pro-choice voters that believe that who are Republican. As there are pro-choice Democrats in North Dakota,” said Haugen.

The Inflation Reduction Act is going to add 87,000 new IRS agents, double the size of the IRS. What is your stance on that?

“I’m very happy that the bill passed and was signed by President Biden or will be signed by President Biden. Helping seniors, making sure we put a cap on their prescription drug costs is vitally important in that piece of legislation. Capping insulin is vitally important. My opponent, Representative Armstrong voted against that feature in the bill. Extending the ACA, the Affordable Care Act where subsidy protection or subsidies provided for another three years is vitally important. And you talked about the IRS. I believe that I think we’re kind of we’re getting into the issue with the billion dollar corporations that have annual profits of more than a billion dollars, I believe they should pay for a small portion of the minimum tax of 15% minimum tax to help support our common defense, our infrastructure, these corporations, these large corporations have billion dollars of annual profits…,” Haugen said.

But with all due respect, what do you think about doubling the size of the IRS?

“If that is what we need to help look over? Make sure these corporations are paying that 15% minimum tax I support that. If it’s just something to just pad government more and to evade individual family’s privacy, then no,” explained Haugen.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the people of North Dakota?

“What happened on January 6, with the raiding of the Capitol. You know, we need to respect our institutions. We need to respect the orderly transfer of power when that occurs. That’s what makes our democracy great. And I want to be that serious Congressman from the state of North Dakota, that fights for our democracy. And, that might mean compromise. I’m more of a blue dog Democrat. That’s been well documented now. I’m willing to walk across the aisle, and not just listen to my caucus, stand my caucus. I’m going to walk across that aisle and try to find compromise where I can,” said Haugen.

We will be speaking with Congressman Kelly Armstrong Wednesday night on KX News at 6.