Marketplace For Kids Allows Students to Create and Innovate

The students of today could be the business leaders of tomorrow.

“It’s just important to give them an idea of their options. Nothing is off the table,” says Debbie Richter, Marketplace for Kids advisory team co-chair. 

But there was plenty on the table as students presented business plans and inventions at the annual event.

“I have two dogs and it takes forever to take them out one at a time so I made a double leash,” says Chayne Hamner, a fifth grader. 

The event features classes taught by business professionals and encourages students to present innovative ideas. And innovate they did.

“If your back hurts on the plane. You can wear this. The next time if I make another one I’ll probably have to make the straps not as tight,” says fifth grader Vincent Gabel. 

As long lines gathered, students learned first-hand how to meet business demand.

Armando Meza Castillo passed out samples of the Mexican drink, agua de horchata.

“It’s kind of like vanilla. I like it,” says Castillo. 

And some even left feeling a little more entrepreneurial-minded.

Hamner says he plans to take over the family business when he gets older. 

“I was thinking of being a firefighter but maybe this summer I might sell a little bit of them and if people actually want them then I might make more,” says Gabel. 

These kids prove it’s never too early to start planning for the future.

Over 1300 students participated in today’s event in Williston. Marketplace For Kids is held statewide and last year served more than nine thousand students, parents, and educators. 

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