Maximize Minot Promotes Local Patronage

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When you’re ready to buy, do you consider checking with local stores or professionals?
A new program designed to get you to shop, invest, and hire locally was launched today.

“Maximize Minot” aims to strengthen the local economy by encouraging people to spend their money close to home.

(Candace Brekke, Maximize Minot Committee) “I can make a difference because I shopped here and I patronize this place and I have my healthcare here. So that’s another way that you can insert yourself and you can make a difference individually.”

“Maximize Minot” will focus on social media to get its message out – including encouraging people to snap photos of themselves becoming the “I” in Minot and posting the shots on the Facebook page tied to the program.

Committee members say there will be more pieces to the project unveiled in the coming weeks as well.

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