McKenzie County prepping for 61st annual fair


Fair season is kicking off in North Dakota tomorrow. People were hard at work putting the finishing touches on for the 61st annual fair in Watford City.

The town has quintupled in size. In 2007, the population was just under 1400 and last year it reached over 6500.
And the fair has grown in size too.

“There are a lot more people in town that stay in town looking for something to do, some entertainment so we have tried to gear our fair more towards them. So we have a bigger carnival something other than the rodeo. We added the derby a few years ago trying to get a different segment of the community,” said Tim Nelson, president of McKenzie County Fair.

Getting different attractions is helping people get excited about the fair.

“Watching all the kids show their animals and get excited about all the things they’re going to be doing and learning about. Teaching them how to be ranchers and farmers that’s what I’m most excited to see,” said Trudi Skedsvold, Alexander resident.

“To let my child experience the kid rides and to see the animals there,” said Shari foster, Watford City resident.

“Just getting out of the house, just taking the kids there and doing some rides and the rodeo too that’ll be fun,” said Cody Wolf, Watford City resident.

“I’d say the food and the derby I know is Friday,” said Marissa Sheehan, Sidney, Montana resident.

There are so many things packed into three days.. we asked if they plan to add even more…

“We don’t. This is enough for a county fair. We made add something Wednesday evening to try and pick up. But by the time the 4-H kids bring their stuff in, everybody gets set up, they’re ready to go home on Saturday. That’s enough,” said Nelson.

Another big change made was switching the fair from July to June to make sure the carnival is in town right along with all the fair fun.

The fair is free and runs through Saturday.

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