Medical Acupuncture Helps Multiple Conditions

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Many people can relate to the excitement that comes with a baby on the way. 
For Kristina Japel, that excitement was cut short when her baby came too soon. 
“He was born ten weeks early,” says Kristina Japel. 
And then again with her second.
“He was in the hospital for ten days with an infection,” says Japel. 
And when trying for a third, just conception was tough. 
“I knew that some things are out of my control, but I knew what I put in my body, and the exercise and other things… I could control that,” says Japel. 
So she changed a lot of what she was putting in her body to help her body along.  
No processed foods, more water… and needles. 
“So then she suggests acupuncture” says Japel. 
“You want to relax the area that you want relax, so I put two needles over the ovaries and then one in the pelvic area,” says Rhonda Jolliffe, Nurse Practitioner Life Ways.
Now this isn’t the Chinese acupuncture you might be thinking about. This is a whole other form and it’s all about getting your body to pay attention to itself. 
“The theory of accupuncture is when you puncture your skin and kind of liken it to when you cut your finger…and these chemicals go rushing to that area and helps it relax and helps it heal naturally,” says Jolliffe. 
“We never fully knew what caused my premature births… but I had such high hopes,” says Japel. 
Those hopes were met a little over two years ago.
“She was the first baby I was able to take home,” says Japel., 
A big excitement for a mother.
Helped along by a hair thin bit of metal.
Jolliffe says she has helped about 10 women get pregnant through acupuncture. 
But like we mentioned earlier this is only one change Japel used to help her get pregnant.
Jolliffe also suggests staying away from processed foods and sugar. 
Even staying away from chemicals in make-up, lotions, and cleaning supplies can help ensure a healthier pregnancy.
Acupuncture can also help conditions like digestive or respiratory problems and even addiction

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