Medical Center Is Using An App For Their Emergency Plan

In the case of an emergency – it’s important to have a plan in place.

But, when directly faced with one our adrenaline can take over and we forget what to do next.

The Tioga Medical Center is implementing a new emergency plan and it’s all being done through an app.

The app is known as Quick Access and it will give employees the information they need within seconds.

“Everybody always asks the questions where should I be, what should I do, how can I help,” said Dr. Bob Rotering, Medical Director.

Soon about 160 people at Tioga Medical Center will get those answered with the click of a button.

Quick Access is an app that can be downloaded on any device and works with or without wi-fi.

“Anybody anywhere will have what they need to do in the event of any emergency,” said Shelby Dean, Clinic Manager.

If there’s an emergency administrators can send out an alert on your phone, tablet, or computer.

“It comes up whether your phone is on silent or not so that you don’t miss it,” said Dean.

If there is an emergency and they sent out an alert but you don’t remember the proper protocol, you can go to the app, choose the threat, and it will give you the proper procedure – in this case it’s a bomb threat.

“This is a simple, wonderful, and direct opportunity for everybody to be immediately made aware of the policies,” said Rotering.

In Tioga, the school and the police also have the app and they can program the app so everyone is connected.

“I really think this is going to be great for Tioga in general just to get everybody on the same page,” said Dean.

The app was originally created for schools but has being moving into other industries like hotels.

Tioga Medical Center will be the first healthcare facility to use the app in the US.

The medical center hopes to have this implemented by August 1st.

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