Medical Marijuana applications for patients and caregivers to begin soon

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Patients and caregivers can start applying for Medical Marijuana on October 29th.
Applicants can fill out an online application.

If you plan to be a designated caregiver you will also have to be registered, and by state law you will undergo a criminal history record check, and every two years after that as well.

Identification cards will be valid for one year, and the cards are expected to be printed and mailed in December.

Instructions related to applications can be found on the Division of Medical Marijuana’s website at

However, applying for medical marijuana cards will still involve needing a prescription from a healthcare provider. Local healthcare providers are weighing in on how they’ll prescribe marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Mid Dakota Clinic has released this statement on their doctors prescribing medical marijuana:

Physicians do not prescribe, rather they attest that a patient is likely to receive therapeutic or
palliative benefit from the medical use of marijuana. Patients need to discuss medical use of
marijuana with their primary physician, and it is that individual physician’s choice whether or
not to attest.

CHI St. Alexius has released this statement on their doctors prescribing medical marijuana:

CHI St. Alexius Health does not allow marijuana use or possession on the premises of CHI facilities and will not allow employed providers to prescribe it to patients.

Sanford Health has this to say about medical marijuana:

“Sanford does not endorse or oppose the use of medical marijuana. The decision is up to each Sanford doctor and what they feel is medically best for their patients. We base our discussions on medical research to ensure the best treatment for our patients.”

Jason Wahl, director of the Division of Medical Marijuana says, “Knowing the date in advance will give qualifying patients and designated caregivers the opportunity to review required information needed for the application.” 

For questions, please contact the Division of Medical Marijuana at 701.328.1311. 

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