Medora Musical About to Finish Season

The Greatest Show out West is coming to an end.
The iconic musical is in its last week of shows for the summer and this year is expected to be one of their best selling in history.
“This year is going to be one of our best years ever.” Justin Fisk Marketing Director TRMF
Last year was the Medora Musical’s best-selling year. It was during their 50th anniversary.
“This year could be our second most attended year in history.”
As always, the musical performs a different show, every night every year. A key change this year though was a new host.
Former Burning Hills Singer Chet Wollan hosted for the first time.
“Before I would just come out, sing my songs maybe add a couple of lines. This year it’s like, if I’m not speaking, we don’t move.” Wollan said. 
An all star cast, filled with seasoned actors and performers, is one of the reason Wollan thinks this year is more popular than year’s past.
“I think people are excited about coming to Medora… the show and the cast has just been that good,” Wollan added. 
The cast has been performing non-stop throughout the summer. So much so, they’ve only taken off three nights.
“It is a grind. It’s every night. It’s to have a break coming up,” said Wollan. 
But, the cast wants to go out with a bang.
“That last show is always. The adrenaline is up. Everyone is ready to get out there. Everyone is ready to put on the best show because it’s the last time,” Wollan added. 
“The show first started in 1965 and here we are 2016, 51 years later. When the show closes it’s part of history again.”
Wollan says the cast is like family, they do everything together. To perform for the last time, he says, is bittersweet.
The last show for the Medora Musical is September 10th at 7:30. You can purchase tickets at

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