Law enforcement frequently respond to dangerous situations. 
It’s when tensions escalate, that an additional call for help is needed.
KX News has followed 3 calls in the past month alone where crisis negotiating teams were on hand.

“We respond to calls for crisis or anything that needs some de-escalation, it can be anything ranging from a suicidal subject to a possible hostage situation,” said Crisis Negotiation Team member Jared Foley. 

Crisis Negotiating teams, or C-N-T members ride in with the SWAT team.  Their goal is to make sure everyone involved comes out safe.

“We’ve responded to at least five separate incidents since the start of the year,” said Foley. 

That’s just in the Minot area,  Foley says in the five years he’s been on the team calls have risen slightly.

“You can see that there’s a small increase in the number of different crisis situations,” said Foley. 

Many of the calls stem from mental illness but Police increased drug activity in the area, also plays a role.

“Obviously they’re in crisis they’re looking for a solution and we try to help them find it,” said team member Nick Wooster. 

Nick Wooster has been on the team for 3 years, he says his job as a law enforcement officer is to help protect and serve everyone.

Nathalie Gomez reporting: The team anticipates these specialized groups will increase in the future– right now there are only five in the state — Minot, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Fargo and Williston– these same teams also respond to calls in rural areas based on who’s closest.

Negotiations team practicing:

“Why don’t you want to talk to me?”

I was able to sit in on one of their practices, this particular situation was a domestic violence call.

“i don’t want to take you to jail I just want to hear your side of the story.” 

“You have to be able to talk one on one with somebody sometimes for a long period of time you have to be able to listen to them and basically emphasize what our role is –we’re here to help you,” said Foley. 

The CNT team practices every single month, and includes 7 members.