Meet the Woman Taking Care of Cannonball’s Necessities

The site of the protest camp near Cannonball changes daily.
This weekend organizers expect it could grow to more than three thousand.
That’s a lot of people, with lots of needs.
“We get so many blankets in there that it’s crazy, says Peggy Gun hammer”
Mothers, take care of their children.
“That goes in here with this lady,” Gun hammer adds. 
It’s instinct.
 “Good, this is what we need.”
So even when her family grows, she knows what to do.
“What we do is we take in the donations that come in. We take the tents the hygiene, the towels, everything you can think of I get in here and it all goes out just as fast as it comes in.”
Gun Hammer came to the camp a couple of week ago as a volunteer.
Three days later, she was in charge of the donation tent.
“It gets pretty hectic in here sometimes.  I’m in one door and out the other.” 
At times, her family swells to more than two thousand people.
“We give out a lot.  Nothing stays here very long.  It’s kind of crazy.”
But, like a good mother…she has a plan.
And the people who stop in recognize it.
“They’ve got it figured out, they’ve got toilets, they’ve got everything you need.  They’ve got water, food if you need it, tooth brushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, tampons, you name it it’s all here.  So that’s pretty organized,” adds a visitor.
Donations come in by the semi-load.
And they need it, Gun Hammer tells us there are seven different cook shacks on site to feed everyone.
They even now have a refrigeration truck to keep produce cool.
(Nantiki Young)
“Everything you can think of I have in my shed that’s over there.  We have a refrigeration unit now so we can take everything that’s coming in,” says camper Nantiki Young. 
“It’s very rewarding.  This is all I ever wanted to do is give to people,” says Gun Hammer
Gun Hammer says she has everything she need here.
Her kids and husband included.
“I’ve got everything here and this is where I’m going to stay until the very end.  I’ll probably be the last one to pull out of here.”
A mother, looking out for her family, until the very end.
Gun Hammer said the craziest thing she’s received as a donation. 
It was an old time washing machine…tub and plunger style.
They didn’t use it.

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