Meet your Ward County Commission Candidates

There are three candidates seeking election for Ward County Commission.

John Fjeldahl, Dave Pankow, and John Pietsch.

Fjeldahl has been a member of the commission for 12 years, he also served on the school board and the Farm Bureau board.  

“We have some projects I’ve been involved in as a commissioner like our building projects and those types of things,” said Fjeldahl. 

If elected he hopes to see some of those projects get carried through — he says his experience is what sets him apart. 

“I think one of the most important issues we should always try and focus on is how we handle people’s money and how that affects their lives,” said Fjeldahl. 

Dave Pankow is a first time candidate — he’s previously served on the Minot City Council and spent a number of years on the planning commission.

“I would really like to look at the five year forecast of the budget and really concentrate on maybe developing a different budget practice,” said Pankow.

Moving forward he would like to connect with the people of Ward County and provide them with the opportunity to get more involved. 

“The public voter in my mind is busy they’ve got a family– So then to connect with them I think giving them different mediums of which to connect with  will help attach to it,” said Pankow.

John Pietsch is also a first year candidate.

“I feel the greatest attribute of a public servant is the ability to listen,” said Pietsch.

Some issues he’d like to focus on are the budget,  infrastructure and flood protection within the county 

“Most of the flood protection now deals with the Souris river and that’s very important but there are other areas in the county also that could use flood protection,” said Pietsch.

He also adds that if elected he will work hard to make sure all cities in Ward County work together. 

There are only two seats available — and each candidate says  they only want whats best for the county. 

You’ll have a the chance to vote for them on November 6th. 

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