Community Medical Services, one of three methadone addiction and treatment centers in North Dakota, has taken on an additional 30 clients since this time last year.

The treatment center works on a case by case basis, individualizing treatment to best fit the needs of each client.

Some clients say without CMS, they’d be in the midst of a downward spiral.

“It’s been really great coming here,” one client said.

A married couple faced addiction to prescription pain killers for about five years before they realized it was time to seek help.

“We needed something that was going to monitor us for the long term,” added another.

Community Medical Services offers medical treatment, counseling, and methadone doses that fight withdrawals and block the pleasure receptors in the brain that are triggered by opiates.

“There’s many many steps set up to keep you from going back to the route you were going,” said the client. “It’s not just hey, here’s your dose and have a good day kind of deal.”

Clients that come here to Community Medical Services say not only is it the physicality of the methadone treatment, but it’s the support system they get when they come here that’s kept them on track for so long.

“No matter what situation you’re in, they will help you out if you need help. And the best thing is, it’s the best feeling to be able to talk to someone openly and them not look down on you.”

“That’s the key about it, they understand the whole situation, anybody’s situation, whatever that may be. It’s a lot of help.”

The state has also taken action to fight the opioid epidemic.
The most recent grant funding is projected to help maintain and take on more clientele for the next two years.

“Services are not free and it is a barrier for clients to pay each week for their treatment, and anything we can do to decrease that barrier is huge,” licensed addiction counselor at CMS, Connie Tyler said.

Breaking down the walls between addiction and the accessibility to treatment is just one reason CMS has been able to change the lives of nearly 100 people so far.

More recently, CMS has also been able to treat people in jail.

“There isn’t anything to be afraid of. Addiction is not something to be afraid of,” one client said, “it’s something that you can go and get yourself clean and you can do it here in Minot.”

Some of the state funding goes towards a voucher program that nearly ran out last year.

The vouchers allow for clients who qualify to pay for a only portion of their treatment.

Qualification includes employment, the passing of random drug tests, and counseling at least once a month.

If you have questions, call CMS at 701-858-1801.