Minot Fire Department hires nine new recruits

For most of these recruits, it’s all about passion.

“Being a firefighter is one of the most honorable things you can do so I’m proud to be doing that now,” said Brian Sullivan a new recruit.

“I’ve always wanted to be a firefighter that’s something that has always been a passion of mine and when it opened up they were looking for so many new recruits it was a no brainier for me to apply for it,” said Jason West a new recruit.

After a long search, the Minot Fire Department was able to get more than 40 applicants.

“Unfortunately we had hire turn over so there’s been a lot of overtime that people have been asked to accept and everything,” said firefighter Philip Anderson.

and now these nine recruits will ease the departments work load.

“You got to be a special kind of crazy to want to run into a burning building,” said Sullivan.

The recruits had to interview and pass a physical agility test.

“The interview process was something else, it was intimidating when you walk in and with all the big wigs at the Minot Fire Department and the fire chief,” said Sullivan.

After all that, it’s time to catch up and learn all about the job.

“It’s a lot of book work, it’s a lot of learning the basics of being a firefighter,” said West.

The recruits also learned the basics of setting up a ladder, climbing it, and how to properly rescue someone from a burning building.

“The fire department is kind of like your insurance policy where you want a really good one and you don’t realize how good it is until you need it,” said Anderson.

They still have a long way to go but Anderson says he’s confident about the new recruits.

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