Minot International Airport takes care of top priority projects

Two years ago a brand new passenger terminal was built at the Minot International Airport.
That part of the airport is the most used by the general public, but there’s more to it than that, and there will be some upgrades to other parts that aren’t so new.

More than a dozen airports across North Dakota have received federal funding to improve infrastructure.
While most of them are municipal airports, Minot International Airport is one of the biggest, receiving 1.8 million dollars.

Airport officials identified the three top priority projects.
Some current snow removal equipment is outdated, so new vehicles will cycle out the old to take better care of the runways and taxiways.
An environmental study will assess the best way to manage and drain storm water across the 16-hundred acres of the entire airport.
The fire rescue building will be restored to improve living quarters for the 24/7 staff.
Airport director Rick Feltner said all three of these updates are major safety enhancements across the board.

“A lot of people think that the airport is just the passenger terminal. And as you can see from looking around here. Everything you see are far as those Enbridge tanks, that’s all airport. Across Broadway, that’s all airport. You can see we’ve got work going on way over by the National Guard building. So, it’s more than just that white building,” he said.

Updated equipment for snow removal will affect arrivals and departure times during the winter, the storm water assessment will have impacts on the safety of the water that goes to the city, and an upgrade to fire rescue will make for a better workplace for firefighters,
so all of this ultimately affects every traveler that goes through this airport.

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