MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Minot is bringing home the Barksdale Trophy, once again, showing why working together pays off.

Any city that has a base under the Air Force Global Strike Command is allowed to compete for this trophy.

It hasn’t been around a long time, but Minot takes it seriously.

“The Barksdale Trophy was established in 2017 from Air Force Global Strike Command, and it is a trophy that recognizes the community that best supports their Air Force Base, across the Air Force Global Strike Command,” said Brekka Kramer, President and CEO Minot Chamber EDC.

Competitors can’t win the trophy two years in a row, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win it more than once.

“Dias Air Force Base won it that year, Minot won it in 2019, Dias won it in 2021 and it is back home to Minot, North Dakota this year,” said Kramer.

Communities are judged based on different aspects, like hospitality, investing in buildings that help airmen in everyday life, and more.

“Well, there is so many things that we do from the local businesses that provide discounts to military and those who serve. There are a lot of big wins we have had this year. If you look at The Magic City Discovery Center there was Department of Defense Funding that helped to support that, and that opened this year. That is a big win for the quality-of-life space,” said Kramer.

Mayor Ross agrees saying more than 100 airmen were cheering on for the city from the base.

“The watch party was a great opportunity just to bring everything home and be with our team. That was down in Barksdale,” said Tom Ross Mayor Minot.

He adds winning this trophy is something for the community to be proud of.

“To me, I feel like we won the Super Bowl. This is a big recognition for the community of Minot. It is with the efforts as a community that we have put together over the last few years or even over the last year to help show our support for our airmen,” said Mayor Ross.

The fact that everyone in Minot plays a role in making a positive impact to our airmen is what it’s all about.

“It is the little things that we can do to help support those who serve. Minot is not Minot without Minot Air Force Base. We are so grateful to our friends. But truly the weight that they carry, carrying the mission of two legs of the nuclear triad, it is such a small thing for us to step up and support sending airmen home for the holidays,” said Kramer.

Coming up, the Minot Chamber is having their cookie drive to support airmen in December.

We’ll bring you more on that when it happens.