A Minot man has appealed to have his murder conviction thrown out.
The attorneys for Bradley Morales are asking the state supreme court to overturn the guilty verdict.

Lawyers for Bradley Morales contend there were ‘structural errors’ in the trial when the judge closed portions of the proceedings to the public.
They also maintain that the court denied Morales the right to represent himself after he expressed dissatisfaction with his attorney.
The appeal was filed this month with the high court.

The state has until mid-February to respond to the allegations in the legal brief.
Morales was convicted of killing 25-year-old Sharmaine Leake at a Minot home.
His trial included body cam footage from police when they responded to the call.
That footage – and how much of it was shown in court – is part of the appeal.

Unless the state supreme court makes a ruling solely on the written arguments, a time will be set for the two sides to argue the case in front of the court – probably sometime in April.

Meanwhile, Morales remains in prison, serving a 40-year prison sentence.