Minot man runs mileage equal to more than 2 trips around the world

Jim Vitko has beein running about 35 miles a week for 33 years, which equals more than 60,000  miles on the road.

“It’s kind of funny just to say, but you just go do it.”
At 22-years-old, Vitko said he found himself sitting around all day, so he used his free time after work to get out and get active.

All these years later, he’s run a distance equal to not once .. not twice .. but he said, “Two and a half times around the world is where I’m at.”

Plus, “In the North Dakota Sports Hall of Fame, my pictures up in there,” he said.

That was for medals earned in the Prairie Rose Games in 1997.

But he doesn’t run for recognition.

“I really, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife, a wonderful son, family, friends, a great job,” Vitko said. “But I’ve just been fortunate that I’m able to get out and run – it’s just one more blessing.”

It’s a blessing that he doesn’t take for granted.
He said, “I often joke that I pray more when I’m running than I do when I’m at church.”

He works at Minot High School and when the weather is so bad that school is cancelled, it’s not bad enough that he opts out of a run.

That includes rain .. snow .. and even a wind chill that feels like 70 below.
“I could find lots of reasons why not to, but it’s pushing yourself to say, I’m going to.”

That push comes with some perks, too.
“There’s just so many side benefits that I never expected. From health, to a sense of peace, to meeting good people, and just escaping sometimes.”

Vitko takes the time wherever he may be .. work trips or vacations .. to get out and run.
He said his wife even planned their honeymoon in Hawaii so he could be one of 35,000 people to run The Great Aloha Run.

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