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Is there a 'right time' to decorate for the holidays?

Minot - A study by the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that people who decorate earlier in the holiday season, could be happier than those who don't.
It seems that the 'right time' to decorate for the holidays is still up for debate.
But how soon is 'too soon?'

"Well, we go from one holiday to another," Jerry Stach said.

For some people, that works.

Rachel Walz, owner of The Foundry, said, "There is something special about Christmas."

"We just finished up Halloween and now we're starting on Christmas," added Stach.

"When do you start decorating your home for the holidays?
"Usually it's this weekend - the first weekend after Halloween," said Walz.

She said that's mostly because of her busy holiday schedule.

As owner and shopkeeper of The Foundry - a home decor, goods, and gift store - she's got to change up shop ahead of the seasons.

"If you are setting up after November, you're kind of missing the boat." 
From the retail perspective, 'how soon is too soon?' isn't really a question. The owner here at The Foundry is thinking Christmas in the summer time.

"I'm planning Christmas in August," said Walz. "What the layout of the store is going to look like, how we're able to beef up shelf goods, gifty items, versus furniture presence in the store."

She even has to prioritize which kind of Christmas stuff to have in stock at certain times.
"I knew that beginning of November is the decorating time of year and so we want to have more of the decor out."

Once Thanksgiving passes, decor items decrease and she has more gifts for sale.

But not everyone is ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving ...

"How soon do you start decorating?

"Thanksgiving Day," Melissa Rensch said.

Dorcas Delgado agreed, "Usually after Thanksgiving. [Sooner] just doesn't seem right. It's tradition for me."

The Foundry has more than 45 people from the region who create and sell their items there, so they're all preparing holiday and winter-time products while we're at the lake in the summer.

Walz said many of them are farmers, so they also have to consider having everything ready ahead of harvest time, which is pretty early to have Christmas on the mind.

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