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Local family attends state volleyball tournament for a sixth year in a row

Meet Eden Olson, she plays center for the Our Reedemer's girls volleyball team, her older sister Tessa isn't far away, she also plays on the team. And in the stands is their older sister Morgan who played in previous state tournaments for the Knights. 

"At our school we actually start in 5th grade and so I've been playing with my sisters ever since I was little and starting for the team in like fifth grade," said Eden Olson. 

A passion for volleyball has infected the Olson home for years. 

"There's many times at our house where I have to say put down the ball quit bouncing the balls, it's like stop," said her mom Brooke Olson.

but all that bouncing has paid off,  with repeated trips to state.

"We've actually been here six of the last seven years , so it's been a nice thing to come to almost annually," said dad Brent Olson.

They've been to Wisconsin, Nebraska, they've been all over and they just put in a lot of time," said Brooke.

"I've gotten to play with my older sister Morgan and now I get to play with my younger sister Eden I've gotten to play with two so it's really awesome," said Tessa Olson 

"When they were playing in the regional championship, and I couldn't be there it was more nerve racking being a fan or a sister than actually playing cause I can't have my hand in it anymore-- I just have to sit back and watch," said Morgan Olson.

And while she can't play with her sisters on the court, she says she'll always be there for support, the whole family will be there... 

"This group-the goal was to get here and they got here and now we just want them to have fun," said Brooke Olson.


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