Minot Park District begins planting flowers

“Total for the year for 2018 is going to be 27,000 plants,” said horticulturist Shannon Paul 

That’s how many flowers and plants you’ll be able to enjoy at the 16 different locations the Minot Park District maintains. 

“The golf course, the zoo, the athletic complexes and the parks themselves,” adds Paul. 

The horticulture department starts the planting process as early as March.

“They start as a tiny little rooted plant and then from there we take them and we put them into this finished size pot and then from this size they go out to our flower beds,” said Paul.

This year residents will come across bright Petunias, Salvias, and Coleus. 

“Every year we change up the beds it’s never the same year after year,” said Paul. 

Paul says there’s many reasons why her department does what it does

“It’s nice to have that aesthetic look where people will feel proud of their community feel proud of the park district and where their tax dollars are going,” said Paul. 

The horticulture department also works to keep the zoo animals at the Roosevelt Park zoo happy they grow a variety of herbs, grasses and edible snacks to make them feel more at home. 

“A lot of the animals at the zoo have approved plants and trees that they can only have to eat or be around so we have to work with Shannon so she actually goes through her list and makes sure they’re safe for all the animals,” said zoo curator Brandy Clark. 

“It doesn’t have to be just the edible aspect of It’s actually providing landscaping and maybe trying to mirror their maybe native areas,” said Paul. 

Flowers and plants will be blooming, so the next time you’re out and about –be sure to stop and smell the flowers. 

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