Minot Police Department gets a new K-9 officer

“It’s kind of fun to go to work everyday and play with a dog”. 

Senior patrol officer Pappenfus says this will be his first time ever being a K-9 handler, and he’s excited to have Mace as his partner.

“Currently there’s two dogs … K-9 Lose and then to me K-9 Mace and there’s going to be a third K-9 this spring,” said Pappenfus.

He says K-9 officers are crucial for just about any department.

“Their nose is something we don’t have, they’re awesome for finding drugs, finding people most of it is they’re scary and they help protect me,” said Pappenfus.

For the Minot PD it was necessary to get Mace because before him there was only one K-9 officer, Lose and his handler.

“For sniffing a vehicle or sniffing a school for tracking a suspect that ran from police it all fell on him,” said Pappenfus.

Mace is a dual purpose dog, meaning he can detect drugs and track down suspects. It took over a year of training for Mace to be where he is now and 6 weeks of training with his handler before he was brought to the Minot PD.

‘He’s only been working about a month now so all this is very new to him but he’s starting to get the hang of it, yeah,” said Pappenfus.

The best part is that he gets to go home with officer Pappenfus at the end of every shift.

“He lives with me, he goes home with me — I take off his uniform and he’s just a regular dog at that point,” said Pappenfus.

But when you tell him it’s time to work, he knows what his job is, and that’s to protect and serve his community.

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