Minot Postal Service: Inside Look


Earlier this month, KX News shared a story about the growing frustations of people dealing with getting their mail in Minot, as well as surrounding areas.

In order to help everyone understand how they operate– the Post Office held an Open House today.

Recent comments on how the post office processes mail has raised some questions with the residents of Minot- and is causing some frustration.

All the incoming mail destined to zip codes beginning with 587 and 588 is sorted in Minot..while the outgoing mail is processed in Bismarck.

(Douglas Stethens, District Manager) “Minot, North Dakota averages about 8-10,000 letters but we have to have a special machine to keep the American public and our own team members safe.”
That ‘special machine’ screens mail to make sure there is no dangerous shipment…but it costs millions of dollars and Minot doesn’t have the room for it.
(Douglas Stethens, District Manager) “Because of 9/11, Obviously it changed the way we processed mail. So we had to invest in Homeland Security and work with them hand and hand to protect our external costumer and our internal team members.”
About 250 mail processing operations throughout the country, many like Minot’s, were reduced and reutilized to become more efficient.
(David  Rupert, Postal Service Spokesman) “It’s something that the industry needed and frankly, we needed too. We don’t get tax payer money for our operations. We have to pay for it out of our product and services and only way for that is to be efficient.”
This is year 5 for the incoming/outgoing mail processing system in Minot but some residents aren’t on board.
(Douglas Stethens, District Manager) “We are not perfect. We always have that human error. If we do make an error, please let us know so we can address that.”
Staff at the post office claim this operation is better suited to protect the staff, as well as a national security issue.
Staff at the Post Office also said Minot simply doesn’t have enought local mail to build it’s own processing plant.

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